5 Workplace Safety Tips

5 Workplace Safety Tips Every Worker Should Know


When working general labour, you’ll most likely find yourself in different workplaces each shift. Every new environment has different equipment, people, procedures and etiquette. Each change can bring challenges, like staying safe in the workplace. So who’s in charge of making sure you’re safe during your shift? In some companies, it’s the HR department’s responsibility to make sure safety guidelines are being followed. In companies without an HR representative then it would be a floor manager or other supervisor.  However, in reality, it’s everybody’s responsibility to ensure a safe and productive work environment. 

Whether you’re working as warehouse staff, construction labour, or any other temp agency position, follow our workplace safety tips below.

Listen Carefully To Your Job Introduction

When your shift manager welcomes you into their establishment they will go over their expectations and any rules or procedures that need to be followed. Be sure to listen carefully and ask as many questions as you need to be clear. Language barriers or technical terms can sometimes cause misunderstandings, be sure to ask for clarification about anything you don’t understand. 


Use Equipment And Machinery Correctly

Proper use of equipment and machinery can prevent injuries. Your employer should not ask you to use equipment that you’re not trained on or certified to use. Be sure to communicate to your supervisor if you have not received proper training, before beginning work. Use equipment for its intended purpose. Improper use can result in accidents that could harm you or other workers. 


Wear PPE And Other Safety Gear

Always wear the necessary safety equipment for the job you’re being asked to perform. Eye protection, ear protection, steel-toe boots, non-slip shoes and reflective safety clothing are all tools that will protect your body from short-term and long-term damage. If you don’t feel you have the correct safety equipment to perform the task, speak with your shift supervisor. They should never ask you to risk harm to yourself by not using the correct PPE.


Report Unsafe Work Conditions

As a temp labourer, if a situation becomes unsafe for any reason, speak with the supervisor immediately. Ignoring unsafe conditions (like spilled water on the floor) can result in unnecessary danger to you or other workers. If you see somebody else behaving in an unsafe manner, report it to your supervisor as quickly as possible. 


Use Caution And Proper Techniques When Lifting

Oftentimes, general labour involves lifting. Improper lifting techniques can lead to serious injuries and strain. Before lifting an object, test to see how heavy it is. You may find that you need a partner or other equipment to safely lift. Practising safe lifting techniques like, keeping your core engaged and lifting using your legs, will ensure you can properly perform the lift without causing injury to your body. If the task of lifting becomes too much for your body, take a break and seek advice from your supervisor on how to complete the task. 

As a Grizzly Force Worker, your safety and well-being are our top priority. By following these 5 tips you can help ensure a long and productive work life for yourself and others. Remember, you are your biggest asset, so prioritise your safety. 

If you ever need assistance on the job site that your supervisor is not able to give, please reach out to support@grizzlyforce.ca and we’ll be happy to help. 


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